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School of Engineering, Brown University

Contact: jun_zhong@brown.edu

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Advisor: Dr. Vikas Srivastava




Cell mechanics
Soft materials
Nonlinear structural mechanics
Escape dynamics
Numerical methods and continuation
Biological growth
Continuum mechanics

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VIRGINIA TECH, PH.D., ENGINEERING MECHANICS                             2020

HUNAN UNIVERSITY, M.S., SOLID MECHANICS                                       2015

Advisor: Prof. Yiming Fu
Thesis: Nonlinear mechanical analysis for functionally graded and fiber-metal laminated
structures with temperature variation.


Advisor: Prof. Yiming Fu
Thesis: Postbuckling and nonlinear vibration of core-shell nanowires with weak interfaces.


* for the corresponding author;  169 citations, h-index 9 [Google]

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